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October 6, 2015 / Althir

#338: Busted

Yes, I know there's not NEARLY enough coins in his hand for this. You go and try holding a hundred and ninety coins in one hand. Film it, I'll wait.

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If you read this comic regularly, first off, hello Kate. How’s it going. Secondly, you may have noticed there weren’t any last week. You see, for a period of four or five months I have done YouTube videos I will not link here. Five a week. That burned me out. I needed a break. So I took a break. I considered announcing it beforehand, but, eh. I can count the number of readers I have on one hand without using too many fingers.

The amount of coins in that purse Ancano gave to Sarto, for the record, came about through three rolls of the good ol’ d100. Which really is a pair of d10s, one for the first digit, one for the second. You get the idea. So there wasn’t actually a chance for the amount to completely pay off Ancano’s debt, but it’s rather a lot all the same.

And now, I shall be turning this computer off, install some new hardware and install a 64 bit version of Windows because now I can. See you later.

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