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November 16, 2015 / Althir

Half Mast


I’m just too depressed right now.

The media, usually quick to show horrible things, completely failed to bring across the sheer horror of that event. It didn’t really hit me until, shortly after the authorities finally did something, someone tweeted a link to someone’s Twitter profile. Someone who was there. French girl, nineteen years old, the last tweet three hours prior. Amounted to “I want to go home”.

It added… humanity to the situation. This wasn’t mere statistics, like “140 killed”. It was a person. An actual human being. And that made it all the more horrifying. I thought, and I will not try to excuse it, that if only this one person were to survive, somehow it would all eventually be alright. Somehow.

Right now, I am sad because of what happened. I am terrified because of what might, nay, will happen yet. And perhaps most of all, I am angry as hell. Angry at those who did this and, maybe even moreso, angry at those who made it possible in the first place. The situation is not going to de-escalate anytime soon.

I didn’t know any of these people. Never been to France. Never meant to go. I don’t know that nineteen-year-old girl I mentioned. And I don’t even like the Eagles of Death Metal. Indeed, my initial reaction boils down to “well, I can understand why someone would attack one of their concerts.” But I still feel for them. Many a thought, be it sad, terrified or angry, occupies my mind at present, and they’re all about these people.

Fuck terrorism.

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