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May 29, 2015 / Althir

#303: Arrival

It's right next to #63, strangely. Oh. Oh, Gods.

Small world, eh? Who would've thought this guy would turn up... where he lives... hm.

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Guess who’s finally got his new mouse. And a keyboard into the mix as well, so I’m fully wired again after using wireless bullshit for extended periods of time. The mouse especially was a right pain when the battery died. This keyboard, very efficiently, is able to execute macros, so I bound two keys I don’t use – Scroll Lock and Pause – to macros that accelerate the editing considerably, automatically merging layers and – which consists of entirely too many steps to do it manually three hundred times – make the drop shadow for both the title and the speech bubbles.

This comic is longer than the previous ones… primarily as a sort of half-arsed apology for the absence.

Speaking of said absence, I deleted the post I’d written. Didn’t save it either. If you’ve read it and you’re still here, hello. If you’re not coming back then you’re not reading this either. If you’ve not read it and now wonder what the hell I’m on about, it was a post primarily about GamerGate. And I associate with the pro side. That’s the gist.

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