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May 5, 2015 / Althir

#300: Randomised

This makes even less sense than I thought it would.

Click the image to see a nonsensical, full resolution version.

This issue was determined by a random number generator (seeing as I have no die with 299 sides), a d6 and a d8. The panels are from issues 277 (4), 31 (4), 57(5), 297 (6), 59 (2) and 136 (4). Too many fours. I should get my dice checked.

Those six panels show four different versions of the characters, too. Of about a dozen.

I thought having the panels itself chosen by a random element – albeit not a die – would be fitting for the 300th issue, and I did my best to not make any reference to that film.

You know which.

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