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February 6, 2015 / Althir

#275: Recognition

I should look up specifics on the accent.

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

Is it just me or are the flames perpetually frozen and all in the same pose?

It’s not just me.

I made them like that.

I think it’s funny.

It’s like the fires burning on the bridge leading to the castle in Skingrad, except they don’t move at all!

I acquired a cheap copy of Titanfall, including the season pass, earlier this week. On Tuesday, to be precise. 12.49€ for the whole assembly. That’s one hell of a discount from the, what, 49.99€ it usually costs – the season pass alone costs twice what I paid, in fact. Now, I’m generally a single player sort of chap – I play games with the people I’m comfortable with, i.e. nobody at all or, at best, people I already know. I hate playing with or against randoms. However, Titanfall plays so incredibly well, I think I’ll go back right after I’m done writing thi

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