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January 16, 2015 / Althir

#270: Delayed

I hear he got cast in Hannibal, as dinner.

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So. There wasn’t one on Tuesday, as I’m sure someone may just have noticed. There’s a reason for that, and it’s a bloody good one.

As I often do, I was rendering. Pretty good scene. Left it running overnight, as I often do (spot the pattern), and on Monday morning, at round about nine o’clock, I heard a “beep”. Great, I thought. The computer crashed. It beeped again. That’s normal. It beeps twice. Then it went “beep-beep-beep”. Wait. What? That was unusual and therefore worrying.

I turned on the monitor, which displayed a message along the lines of “CPU fan not working, press F1 if you want to continue and fry your processor”. Obviously I could hardly get on the PC without a CPU fan, let alone do those six renders. Just not gonna happen, sorry. I ordered a new CPU fan (in part because the hardware shop I usually go to was closed), which didn’t turn up until Wednesday. So, that’s kinda why I was quite literally unable to provide a comic. Sorry, but not my fault.

When I got the PC back running, I also finished the render during which it had died. Turned out nice enough.


The volumetric lighting, sadly, is fake because LuxRender, when running through the GPU, doesn’t support volumes. The feature set through GPU rendering is extremely limited by comparison, but the speed (we’re talking orders of magnitude on this hardware) makes it worth it regardless.

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