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November 18, 2014 / Althir

#255 Whoops

"Would you please take your helmet off before I smash your skull?"

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He’s so full of shit. Explain the village, Bob! Explain the inn! You can’t, can you? There should’ve been a “bluff” roll in there somewhere, you deceitful bastard.

The following is the text of a post I made on Saturday – I have deleted the post in question, but don’t want the text lost. It was written in anger, quite obviously so, but I stand by every word.

A few days ago, the ESA landed a probe on a comet. There was a guy, his name was – and still is – Matt, and he was very happy about that. In all probability, that was the best day of his career.
But, lo and behold, during an interview he was wearing a shirt featuring scantily clad women.
Now, I am not going to say particularly nice things. But I will say them anyway. They come straight from the heart.
YOU PETTY CUNTS. You made Comet Guy cry! You bullied him because of his shirt on what should by all rights have been the best day of his fucking LIFE. His shirt offended you? WELL SO FUCKING WHAT? It’s not HIS fault you’re such easily offended TWATS. You think his shirt is sexist? That’s YOUR problem, not his. LEAVE. HIM. ALONE. YOU CUNTS. Do you actually feel good about yourself for bullying a man because of his clothes? DO YOU REALLY? You should be ashamed.

You’re not the heroes here.

People like you are why I reject modern “feminism”.


I don’t even like the shirt, I personally find it rather tasteless. But he has every right to wear it if he damn well pleases. If you get outraged because of this, take a look at your own. Really do. You think equality is insulting men for this, while lauding women for the same? What do you think all those “male tears” coffee mugs are, if not sexist?

This shit goes both ways. If you say sexism against men doesn’t exist, you’re only doing that to try and hide the fact that you are sexist yourself.

And I support Matt Taylor and his freedom to wear ugly shirts.

You know the kicker? That shirt, it was designed by a woman. A person of the female persuasion. Someone who’s NOT a man.

I am entirely in favour of equality of the sexes. But that is not what these people strive for. Not even one bit.

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