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November 14, 2014 / Althir

Total Interlude


I have no rights to the Total War and SEGA names and logos. I used ’em anyway.

Not a comic. Sorry. Kind of announced that on Facebook already. This picture took a long time to render, so I haven’t the time to make a comic today. Sorry again.

How long did this take? Six hours, twenty-nine minutes and fifty-three seconds. The SSS baking alone took two and a half hours. Fuck me, Sam.

This started as a character model for something else entirely. Faffing with the textures gave me a decent marble, I started making the face a bit more unique. Couldn’t get the hair looking right, so I gave it a helmet. Kind of went from there.

I actually printed this out in 12cm by 12cm and put replaced the inlet of my on-disc copy of Rome: Total War with it.

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