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October 14, 2014 / Althir

#246: Need for Sleet

Yes, they serve Newcastle Brown Ale. No, I'm not ashamed.

Click the iamge to see a full resolution version.

You may notice the angles are all very similar. In the fourth and sixth panel, the border is maybe an inch from absolute nothing because the scene doesn’t exist beyond the bits that had to be there for this render:


But now for something completely different.

Shaving. Not news for mankind – we’ve been doing that for thousands of years. Among the oldest artifacts found are razors. In the nineteenth century, a razor was invented that isn’t an exposed blade you scrape over your face. Later came the cartridge razor you’ll see just about everywhere, and of course the buzzy electric razors.

I’ve tried several methods, and I can say with reasonable certainty (albeit a low sample size) that the newer the method gets, the worse it gets. All the electric razors I’ve used were rubbish. Cartridge razors seem to exist solely to piss me off.

For the last week, I’ve been shaving with a straight razor. I also replaced my shaving foam with shaving soap and a brush made from purest badger. Now, obviously when you’re taking a bare, devilishly sharp blade to your skin without knowing what you’re doing, there will be blood. And there was blood. I deliberately only looked at a tutorial of sorts after having a go at it myself. But it’s nowhere near as tedious as a cartridge razor, despite taking longer, it’s fairly relaxing and it’s a really quite close shave. I can recommend trying it.

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