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October 10, 2014 / Althir

#245: Another World

"Last time was more fun."

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

The scene in the last frame is something I put about four days of work into. It’s a very shallow scene, in that none of the buildings are real, nothing that’s not in shot actually exists except for some of the street lamps to get the shadows right… The full render, which is at 1280×720 and lacks the characters, took about forty minutes to render. Which isn’t a bad time for a more or less finished render. Anyway, there’s very, very few angles this scene can provide. So don’t expect a lot of stuff to happen here.

I also didn’t change Gerod’s pose for panels one through three (save for the head). I thought it’d be less noticeable, but seeing as it’s fairly obvious, I might as well admit to it.

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