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October 7, 2014 / Althir

#244: Unbreakable

"Can't run. Leg's broken." - "Stop being so negative!"

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Ah, physics. How I ignored thee here. Obviously, the bottle would’ve been propelled in the opposite direction whilst spewing flaming sheep liniment/whatever the pink stuff was mix. That is how rockets work, after all.

A few days ago, I watched a live stream by a bloke who’s rather fond of the Total War series of games. On a whim, I dug up my old copy of Medieval II. I’d bought it in like 2008 for 6.99€, which was a pretty damn great bargain if you ask me. For no particular reason other than sheer curiosity, I put the CD key into Steam. You know, the “Activate a Product on Steam” thingy. Didn’t really expect it to do anything. But lo and behold, it unlocked a game! The game was Medieval II: Total War. And its DLC, which I decidedly did not have before. Steam charges 22.99€ for that bundle. Bloody hell. I then dug up my even older copy of Rome: Total War, and its key was also accepted. And it, too, gave me free DLC to go with it.

So… thanks, Steam! I now have an English version of Medieval II with DLC. Awesome.

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