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September 2, 2014 / Althir

#234: Surprise!


Click the image to see a full resolution version.

To be perfectly honest, I actually rather liked the previous models. I made them to practice mesh topology. They turned out rather well. But I felt they didn’t really fit the, you know, theme. I know that this is a vastly different art style, and I’m not entirely sure I’ll stick with it… for long, that is. I’ve already made most of the NPCs to appear over the next few issues.

The models are made almost entirely from scratch. “Almost” meaning “Everything but the hands and weapons”. The weapons because I’m really rather satisfied with how those look (and they’ve had those for a long time now) and the hands because they’re a shitload of work to get right.

It’s also back to using the Blender Internal renderer because of the shaders. The models now use the Toon/Phong combo, which is based on the shading in TF2.

The model I made first was, as usual, Gerod’s, who has shorter legs than the other two (and a wider torso). He’s also missing the tip of his left pinky, which I forgot to correct when I copied the mesh for Sarto. The biggest difference is found in Bubbles!, who now wears both a robe and pointy hat.

As the new models are much more customisable (it didn’t even take me an hour to make four new NPCs’ models) this of course makes it much easier for me – as you may have noticed, nobody except the three PCs has appeared since I introduced the last version, which rather pissed me off. Customising those models would’ve taken hours and hours.


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  1. Ivan / Sep 2 2014 1:40 am

    I give big thumbs up to these.

    Was… kinda starting to feel the previous models looked very out of place.

    Part of me was expecting the models to have more exaggerated facial features (more like caricatures),.

    I think it is because the eyes have no real definition. (maybe an outline, or larger whites), but that is just my oppinion.

    In other thoughts…. Now i really want to see what they found… It must be awesome, because they are awed!

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