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May 29, 2014 / Althir

More Map Shots

I'm made of metal! My barrels gleam! I am perpetual, I keep the airspace clean!

A lof of what I’ve made in the last few days are actually just models, not architecture. I reckon if I’ve got to make models anyway, I might as well get on with it before I really do start concentrating on the map itself. This AA gun is probably my favourite thus far, heavily inspired by the Engineer’s level 2 Sentry gun.

We need a pinball table right in that corner, stat!

This is the RED spawn room, didn’t put in any entities yet (aside from, you know, the spawn points and the lamps), but the doors work. The DOORS. But only for the RED team, it won’t open for BLU [sic].

I still don't trust this.

It DOES look rather rickety. I’ll have to do something about that.

Death from above! Actually, these are torpedoes. Dropped by aeroplanes. So it still counts.


These go boom when they hit a ship. And I trust those stairs even less than the bridge in the last picture.



Leave it to me. I can beat it.


Getting the shaders to work took longer than I’d care to admit, but it was ultimately worth it.  This model comes with two distinct skins, scrambled and solved. And just for shits and giggles, I actually went and scrambled a real one to get the texture exactly right. Which I then proceeded to fuck up. Case in point: There’s two corners in this very shot that go white-orange. *sigh* I’ll have to look into what went wrong, then. Now that the textures actually work, however, that shouldn’t take too long. This model has been like “Meeep, can’t find the texture file” for several hours while I was making it.

Edit: I figured out the error and fixed the texture file. Two of the six sides had their textures rotated by 180°. Good thing I noticed, the pedant in me would not have been happy with that only being found out post release.

To either side stands a teammate looking angry, holding a scrambled cube. I should plan my angles in advance.

This is what the cube was/is for – decoration. This goes in the map somewhere. Haven’t compiled that model yet. But when I do, I shall make sure I get the $scale parameter set up right. Otherwise…


Resistance is Futile.

Yep. A thirty-six foot Rubik’s Cube.

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