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May 26, 2014 / Althir

Map Shots

This doesn't seem entirely stable. Elevating, innit. It's full of stairs!

Let me make this entirely, excruciatingly clear: This holds the promise of being paid work. I’m not doing that entirely for fun. Considering I’ve only put a few days into Hammer, this doesn’t look half bad. The second picture, in addition to half-arsed mapping, also shows two models I made specifically for this map. The aeroplane and that thing to the left. The worst part about making this, by far, was exporting these models into Source. It is a right pain up the arse, plus it absolutely requires that I texture the models properly, UV unwrapping and everything. I rarely do this, so I utterly lack experience in that regard.

My Scout setup, by the way, consists of the Force-A-Nature and the Atomic Blast. Well, and the Lugermorph, but that’s identical in function to the standard pistol. This setup allows quadruple jumps! But I really only go for Scout for suchlike shots because he gets around the map the fastest. Of course, since I usually use noclip anyway for better angles (it’s not like I’m actually playing) this is sort of a moot point. Don’t really have a favourite class… but I suppose I’m least useless as the Medic.

The catwalk in the first and, to a lesser extent, third picture isn’t done, of course. To paraphrase the KSP community: MORE STRUTS! You get the idea.

Also, fun fact: Hammer can show you “proper” units in addition to Hammer Units. Which is handy because a HU equals three quarters of an inch. Of course, since the “proper” units are inches and feet, it’s arguable whether they’re actually real units (hehehe), but it’s better than guessing based on Hammer Units. HU do, however, make sense. After a fashion. Sixteen are one foot, instead of twelve. Base 2 and stuff.

Last and least, here’s a newer version of my desk:

Yep. That's. it.

It has been mistaken for a photograph more than once, which is frankly hilarious to me.

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