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May 22, 2014 / Althir

Spawn Room

Funny enough, there isn't actually a GREEN team.

The other day, a friend approached me, asked me about Team Fortress 2 mapping. Now, I played a fair bit of TF2 in the last few years (never much, Multiplayer isn’t my cuppa tea), but I never actually used Hammer much. All I ever did in it boils down to one (1) badly done and very simple maze that I used for a handful of screenshots in Garry’s Mod. No, I don’t have those anymore. Nor the map, sadly.

I went ahead and installed the Source SDK anyway, and after some initial issues with both Hammer and Team Fortress 2, started coming up with a proper concept for that map. A concept I won’t talk about anymore because it’s not my overall idea and I’m just visualising it. That’s also why this is such a small part of the map, so you can’t actually see what’s going on.

Hammer does handle very, very differently from Blender though, and from WorldEdit (which is the level editor they used for F.E.A.R., and the one I know best) as well. Here’s a fun fact: A Hammer Unit (HU) is 1/16th of a foot. That just sounds weird. WorldEdit at least uses proper metric (right down to 1 cm).

Naturally, since I literally started using Hammer again yesterday evening, there isn’t much I have done or can do, but so far it’s looking relatively promising. I have a single piece of quite ridiculous concept art (I own a pencil!) and plans to make at least two custom 3D models for this particular map.

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