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April 29, 2014 / Althir

#215: String!

"It's also rather chilly down here."

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

I made these character models without clothes, then I modelled the clothes onto them. Not the same way as last time – the old models had separate meshes for shirts, shoes, Bubbles! also had a separate hair mesh for whatever reason… you get the idea. This time, it’s a modification of the mesh, meaning the characters are permanently attached to their clothes. The last panel therefore is not the same Bubbles! model – it is in fact two renders, one of Bubbles! and one of the nude basemesh. Before you start giggling, no – the basemesh does not, in fact, have a knob.

The sunrod also looks different. And not just a little. Going by its description in the manual, I modelled the last one after a frickin’ glowstick because really, that’s what it is. This one is closer to – albeit still rather different from – the sunrod as displayed alongside said description. However, with this renderer, a glowstick would actually work properly since here, materials can emit proper light.

Knob, knob, knob, knob!


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