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March 28, 2014 / Althir

#206: Single-Minded

He's much like Mustrum Ridcully, in that his train of thought is not easily derailed.

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They did something to the WordPress UI. Removed something I used. Now I have to edit the source code for every new entry manually. Bastards.

You know how I said I’d be acquiring new hardware? RAM, Motherboard, Graphics Card? The last one I got: A shiny new GT 630. Nothing fancy, granted, but with its CUDA capabilities it does speed things up considerably. In LuxRender, anyway: My tried and trusted test scene used to render at about eight hundred samples a second, never going over three thousand. Tried with GPU rendering – well over a hundred. Thousand. Blender Internal, sadly, doesn’t seem to be compatible with GPU rendering. That’s a shame.

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