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March 4, 2014 / Althir

#199: Disagreement

"You never agree with me!" - "Yes, we do!"

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

Light sources. Yikes. Every additional light pretty much doubles the render time. Hurrah for ray tracing. And the market has about a dozen ceiling lights, each with its own shadows.

The market itself does seem rather empty. Not just the lack of people (aside from vendors, there’s a whole two dorfs in that shot), but the stalls don’t seem to be carrying anything. Maybe they all sell empty baskets? Who knows. I certainly don’t.

On the “new stuff” front… I’ve made the decision to get a new computer at the earliest possible point. That is, two months from now, if everything goes reasonably well. Of course, I was going to do that anyway, but such expenses are nothing that one just plunges into. Much contemplation has been done, and I won’t go for a cheapish pre-assembled one. I’ll buy custom. Not a complete computer, mind, only the parts that I need: A CPU (and therefore main board), RAM (three gigabytes just don’t cut it anymore for complex renders and, mainly, Firefox), a graphics card (For CUDA, see – the graphics card I recently got from a friend isn’t supported by Blender for GPU rendering). And another DVD drive I suppose, seeing as the mainboards I’ve been looking at only have SATA, no IDE. And a new case, of course. The rest of the components I’ll take from my current computer: Power supply, hard drive (though I’ll have to install a 64 bit operating system – thankfully I already have it) and… Well. I actually think that was it already. Huh. You get the idea.

With that comes gradually upgrading the other stuff as well. I already have a mouse with an appreciable amount of buttons and, as of today, a very nice USB headset. Which is doubly convenient on account of the front audio ports on my computer not working. Very comfortable, compared to the old, 9.98€ bugger I got years and years ago.

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