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February 21, 2014 / Althir

#196: The Berkeley Hunt

"Hey, are you Canadian?" - "Eh?"

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As I probably mentioned before, I own a crossbow. Not a large crossbow, but a crossbow nevertheless. It’s not a toy, it’s the genuine article. And I bought it off Amazon. Just like that. Yep. A potentially lethal weapon, bought it right off the internet like it’s just another video game. Well, actually, no:

An 18+ video game, bought off Amazon, would be less convenient than a crossbow. How? Well, if you order an 18+ video game from Amazon Germany, you have to personally accept the parcel and show the postperson an identifying document to prove that you are both the person who ordered it AND over the required age. They check whether you’re allowed to have, say, Brütal Legend (the one game I bought off Amazon in this fashion), but something you can actually murder people with? Sure, go right ahead! There’s some strangely skewed views at play here. Contrary to popular belief, video games, no matter how violent, have never murdered anyone ever in the history of, er, stuffthings. Crossbows, on the other hand… well.

What is pretty cool, I bought a reflex sight off Amazon. Arrived on Tuesday, and it’s very, very cool indeed. Does look a tad strange, such a relatively high-tech (yes, I know, the technology is pretty old) on a medieval device (a modern version of a medieval device, anyway), but it’s better than the iron sights it had before. Loads better.

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