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February 18, 2014 / Althir

#195: Grumpy

"Nah, you look too stupid to be called Hama."

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I’ve been playing too many Open World games lately. In the past few days I put numerous hours into Saints Row: The Third, Sleeping Dogs and Mafia II. And, muscle memory be damned: Sleeping Dogs has left-hand traffic. You play eighteen hours of Saints Row and despite not giving the faintest crap about the rules, you’ll probably end up driving on the right lane because it’s more convenient. In Sleeping Dogs, that’ll end up with you plunging straight into traffic. So, not very well. Then I switched to Mafia II (great, great game, by the way)… and again, right-hand traffic. It took me a while, and I still screw up on occasion. But, funny enough, I usually end up following the rules. Except for stop signs. Because they are small and yellow/black. I don’t fucking notice them until it’s too fucking late.

And, do you know how much money used to be worth? I actually looked it up. According to some quick googling, a US-Dollar in 1945 (when Mafia II starts) is worth about $12.90 in 2014 money. The player character gets a job, early on, to stack crates onto a lorry (which is the exact job I do) and is offered $10 for the job. You’re actually supposed to decline, but I thought “eh, why not”. Five crates in, the player character refused to continue. There’s enough crates for maybe, maybe twenty minutes of work. It’s over $120 (in 2014) for that little work. I get 7€ a hour. He should stop his fucking whining.

Of course, said inflation also makes a debt of $2,000 (the PC’s father was a jerk) seem a lot less than it actually was. That’s over $25,000. Bloody. Hell. Inflation.

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