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February 4, 2014 / Althir

#191: Tusks

And trunk. Not sure which is more dangerous. Don't usually fight elephants.

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On Friday evening, I watched a series of videos on mesh topology.  Following the advice from those videos, I started modelling. By Saturday afternoon, I had a nice, proper head. Then I played Doctor Frank Nicholas Stein and stitched that head on every character. With modifications, of course. I have also made new NPC base meshes, one for humans/elves, one for dwarves and one for halflings. They not only have facial expressions (which are to be expected at this point) but also about a dozen shape keys each that influence the shape of the face itself, so theoretically I can make a hundred NPCs, all of whom look differently.

When I got this computer, I rejoiced, for I was finally able to play games properly. F.E.A.R. would run on maximum settings without any sort of issue, HL2 likewise. You get the idea. That was on 1680*1050. Now I have a Full HD monitor. No such luck. But then, a friend of mine gave me one of his old graphics cards. Not “sold”. “Gave”. As in, for free. Nice sort of bloke, eh? How old? I don’t actually know. And it actually has less memory than the one I already had. But much faster memory, a much faster processor and so on. It’s amazing. From my humble perspective anyway. The biggest difference has to be in ArmA II, which before barely managed to run on minimum settings. Now, it handles “Very High” as though that wasn’t even 3D at all.  That is to say, incredibly well.

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