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January 21, 2014 / Althir

#187: Ribbit.

Frogs are rude. They keep calling me a jerk.

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Stupid Gerod.  Who’d deliberately piss off a witch?

I’ve been Kerbaling for a while now. That is, I’ve been playing a lot of Kerbal Space Program. Got it off Steam when it was discounted (don’t even know how much). I thoroughly underestimated its entertainment factor. And it runs a great deal better on Windows than Linux, too, though that applies to approximately every game ever. So far, I went to space.  I came back down.  I entered a stable low orbit around Kerbin. I entered a stable high orbit around Kerbin. I flew past Mun and Minmus. I entered a stable high orbit around Mun, then a low orbit. I came back to Kerbin. I went to two separate planets, flybys both, sacrificing the (insignificant) Kerbals in the process. Why? For Science! Literally. I’m in career mode, and every bit of science you do, including going places (again, literally) gives Science points which in turn let you unlock more parts. My first flight leaving Kerbin altogether went past Duna… that flight alone gave nigh 300 Science points. That’s a LOT. The two flights to other planets gave about 450 Science in total, which let me unlock every upgrade on the current tier (90 apiece). I win science.

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