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January 7, 2014 / Althir

Intermission: Ralda


Once, there was a happy little computer. It wasn’t particularly big, it wasn’t particularly strong, it wasn’t particularly fast, it wasn’t particularly smart. But it worked. And it worked well. Its owner was tremendously proud of the happy little computer. Then, one day, the owner decided to give the happy little computer a little rest. The next morning, he saw that the happy little computer was very, very ill. The owner had, months before, vowed to never touch the running system since that never ended well… but it outright refused to remain untouched: A sneaky, nasty system update had made its way into the formerly happy little computer. An incomplete system update. The happy little computer couldn’t cope.

The owner tried, for hours and hours, to revive the formerly happy little computer. To no avail. Out of options, he reluctantly pulled the plug. The happy little computer would have to be resurrected. As a Windows machine. But when the owner tried to give the happy little Windows computer its old personality, Windows itself said “no, you shan’t.” Windows, the owner learned, had no way to deal with the way the happy little computer used to store its experiences. So the owner had to find a way to change them, into a format that Windows could handle.

Long story short, an unwanted system update shot my graphics driver to fuck, back to life and right back to fuck a second time. It updated the kernel, but not the graphics driver. That caused an incompatibility issue. X wouldn’t start at all. So, text-only. Remember DOS? Like that, except with working internet connection. I tried updating the graphics driver. Didn’t work.  Then I deleted the nvidia driver altogether. X started. But without 3D acceleration and at a maximum resolution of 1280*1024. I tried installing the driver a second time. Right back to command line. Removed it again. At least I didn’t do any more damage, right? Hahah. Right. No. 640*480. Bollocks. So, armed with an external and an intense hatred for system updates, I made a backup. Since I didn’t have the bandwidth to download a Linux image, my only viable choice was Windows. And here I am. Copying the backup, well, back. Since Windows can’t handle filenames containing certain symbols, among them “, ? and :, I had to plug the external into another Linux computer and semi-manually rename all of the invalid files, because Windows couldn’t use them. At all. It wouldn’t play video files with a colon in their title, it wouldn’t show their properties, it wouldn’t copy them… and worst of all, Windows proved unable to rename them as well.

Not so short after all, huh.

Anyway. That happened on Sunday. And getting Windows to run nice and proper takes a bit longer than Linux, as counter-intuitive as it may sound. So sadly I didn’t have the time to comic. I do, however, have Blender 3D and Gimp up and running, as well as Dropbox now too. So Friday hopefully won’t be an issue.

The image you see up there is a test render of Ralda and her, uh, associate. I mean, I kinda had to post something and there’s stuff I made that I haven’t shown around yet.

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