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January 3, 2014 / Althir

#183: Clichés

Hahah, he has a literal ring-tone!

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

It would be an awfully short broomstick, wouldn’t it.

Five years ago, I got an electric guitar with practice amp for Christmas. (That’s Christmas 2008, not 2009, by the way). It was a cheap Telecaster ripoff with an even cheaper amp that hardly deserved the name. The guitar I replaced eight months later with a not quite as cheap Les Paul ripoff that was – and still is – superior in every way. The amp, I didn’t replace. In, er, I think it was 2011, I bought a bass guitar with amp. My most expensive guitar to date, the pack cost 120€. Yeah, I’m cheap. And not very good, for that matter. Never had lessons or anything. On Monday, a coworker – older chap, bald, glasses, Mjolnir around his neck – told me he’d just bought a new amp and therefore wouldn’t need his old effect panel anymore. Asked me if I fancied buying it off him.

It's black.

It’s black.

It’s a ZOOM G1M, signature series of one Michael Amott (before you google, he’s in Arch Enemy). And it is worlds better than that shitty practice amp I have subsequently banned from this room. Hooked the panel up to my bass amp because that one has a much better speaker and… wow. If you don’t mind my lack of skill, here’s a sample of various effect combinations. And because the Facebook post seems to always take the last picture for its preview, this:



There’s that then.

Also, happy new year I guess. Don’t suppose it’ll be much different from 2013, really.


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