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December 31, 2013 / Althir

#182: Er… Which?

"Exactly!" *Badum-tish*

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Yeah, I know: Based on your source, witch and warlock might just be different things altogether and not a gender-swap. And yes, Bubbles definitely should know. Trust him. He’s a Wizzard.

Speaking of Bubbles, there’s something he has in common with me. I hate being called Ollie by people I don’t know and/or like. I used to make teachers use my full name, for instance.

Oh, and there’s also, like, a new character model. Well, two, really. Big deal. Been working on that for most of last weekend. I mean, it’s the first female character (aside from a Doppelgänger seen briefly the last time things were fogged up [sorry]) in this comic, I didn’t want that to be as half-arsed as most of the other, uh, things. Her companion I’d describe as a “cat as designed by someone who has never seen a cat but got a description from someone who once saw a book on cats in the library”. More on that later.

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