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December 20, 2013 / Althir

#179: Oh, Fog It.

This is fogging atrocious.

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

Rarely do I make myself groan. This was one of those times. And the reason it’s only three panels: I don’t think I could stand making that joke twice as long.

My father owns a pair of Zippo lighters. Famous as the brand is, neither works very well. That is to say, at all. Today, I bought a cheap petrol lighter for 3.50€ and it actually works really well. Suppose I got really lucky there. Using a drill and a dremel I etched a crude (because I’d never done it before) runic A into it and made a hole in the chimney (yes, that is what that part is called). I mean, there were already holes in there, I just made a larger one. Why? Because now I have a fully functional pipe lighter that hardly cost a thing.

I also did some more entirely unrelated 3D: I modelled a locker. You know, one of those buggers you put stuff in and then, well, lock them. See them all the time in movies or TV shows set in America. Not sure about Britain, actually. Not that it matters. You know exactly what I’m talking about anyway, don’t you. You’re a smart guy. Gal. Whatever. So I put a bunch of them side by side. Thought I’d make one of those school hallways, you see. However, since I made the locker as a particular model rather than part of a scene, my computer probably can’t handle too many of them at once. Yeah. In the end, I only placed about twenty of them, added a checkered floor and a single light source. Then I started grinning and cackling maniacally. Here it is. Don’t look too close. Wouldn’t want to upset the grues.

Do you feel the void staring back at you yet? No? Huh. Probably just me then.


It is a quick and dirty project. The grues (It’s a Zork reference, of course, but only in my description) are actually all Sarto’s model, except for the one all the way in the back, which is slightly modified.

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