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December 13, 2013 / Althir

#177: Perforation

Hm. Not even loaded. You're a terrible marksrogue.

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Alan Wake is a stupid cunt. There, I said it. The game is great. Good story, good graphics, great atmosphere… but Alan is dumb as a particularly thick slice of mouldy toast. I went for a hunting shotgun, hoping to pick it up before a Taken gets to me – unfortunately, it did. Stunned for a moment, pushed back a few feet, I meant to hit it back before proceeding to grab the shotgun. Guess what Alan chose to do instead. Did you guess “ignore the enemy AND your direct command to still try and reach the shotgun”? You’d be correct. Entirely uninterruptible. Who designed this?

You know who else is a dumbass? Me. Fucked up the penultimate panel’s text. Was supposed to be “I should’ve seen that coming”. Now the last one makes no sense. I’m an idiot.

Edit: Okay, at least I’m not too much of a belming bastard to fix it. There you go, it makes a little less unsense.

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