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November 29, 2013 / Althir

#173: Debriefing

Yes, that's right, they stayed out there throughout.

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I thought I’d rather not show him actually kill his family. So sue me.

People gave me strange looks when I smoked my pipe in public for the first time today (it’s rather new). It’s not a common sight these days, thanks to fags. Cigarettes, that is. I guess I’m a hipster, heh. Although, would a hipster admit to being a hipster? Let’s not get into that. Anyway, one bloke stopped me, a long-haired lad. Hippies. The lot of them. Hate all of these tosspots. Get a haircut! Asked me what sort of tobacco I smoke. Said he’s a pipe smoker himself. Strange coincidence that the first lad I come across who does it too is another one of the long-haired folk.


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  1. Ivan / Nov 29 2013 8:22 am

    Huh… in Panel 5 and 6,the orientation gets a little confusing. Took me a while, but couple of things in it:
    You’ve crossed the Line, see 180 degree rule.
    Gerod and Sarto suddenly seem to be looking at the audience rather than who they are talking to.
    and bubbles seems to be the one talking (although this last one was me reading the speech bubbles more

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