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November 19, 2013 / Althir

#170: Decency II

The hammer probably makes for a nice tombstone.

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

My CPU fan has been making weird noises lately. Like, weirdly weird weird. Weird. Weirdishly weird. You get the idea. I hate it when fans do that. Never a good sign. Never ever. The noises caused two things: I got annoyed… and I turned off the computer. Altogether. For several hours. I don’t do that. Before last night, my uptime was 39 days and 6 hours. Felt like quite the waste of electricity. Which it was. It so definitely was.

My bed, a cheap IKEA thing, has been on the brink of collapsing for many moons. It finally snapped (literally) the other day. Not because I’m a fat bastard. Because it’s badly designed and because I’m a- you know what, never mind. One part in particular collapsed. A part that I forcibly removed altogether. In its stead, I screwed a “new” and sturdy board in place. One that doesn’t put weight on the frame, because it’s standing on the ground. The screws are only to keep it where it is, there’s no weight on them.

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