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October 24, 2013 / Althir

#163: So Much Word!

“Do you have any idea what, you know, it is?” Both Tufnel and Hubbins shrugged. “Your guess is as good as mine”, the Mage said. “What it does is rather obvious though. And not nice.” Andrew smiled. “Does that mean it’s evil? How many XP is it worth?” While Mike looked (or probably made) up a number in his notes, Ed took a good, long look at the town layout on the table. “You only have five guards, five underequipped guards, for the entire town?” It didn’t look good. “Used to be a lot more. About sixty, give or take.” Hubbins swallowed hard. “All dead. All waiting for a chance to kill the lot of us.” Gerod shook his head. “That makes no sense. These doors have no locks and aren’t barred. Why aren’t they roaming free?” Momentary hesitation. “They mostly come out at night. Mostly. It’s usually rather safe until dusk. Though they don’t seem to mind the sunlight. It really does make no sense. But that’s how it is.” Ed nodded and reached for his dice. Steve, however, flipped through the pages of one of the rulebooks, then punched a few numbers into a calculator. He turned to Ed. “I know what you’re thinking. And it’s not going to happen.” With a death glare that had yet to meet its equal, Ed replied: “Silence in the dungeon. You get to make decisions once you’re actually playing again.” Steve showed him the calculator. “Even considering that there’s only one zombie per house, it’s suicide. And I don’t fancy the thought of having to fight a zombie Gerod.” Andrew coughed. “Sod off. I’ve met puppies more threatening than you.” Gerod got up. Tufnel protested, but quickly shut up once he realised the crossbowmen weren’t around anymore. “I have an offer to make.” Tufnel cocked his head to the left and raised a brow. “Go ahead. I don’t suppose I have a whole lot to lose.” Gerod kicked the chair out of the way and took a step towards the count. “Let the rogue and the dwarf go, and give us our weapons. We’ll take care of the undead.” Tufnel obviously didn’t like the idea. “Sixteen on diplomacy.” “I can’t. They’re under quarantine.” Gerod took another step. “What for?” The count rose. “They both came into direct contact with that thing. For all we know, they’re undead by now.” Gerod sighed. “You know, I’m something of a field medic or something like that. Haven’t really given it a whole lot of thought. How about I examine these two tossers and make sure they’re alive?” Hubbins nodded. “That’ll do.” “It will require separate Heal throws though. And God help you if you roll a 1.” He led them down to the cells. Blunt sat in a corner, quietly gnawing on his left boot, while Sarto tried to look thoroughly innocent. He totally hadn’t messed with the cell door’s lock at all. “Stick your arm through the bars”, Gerod commanded. The rogue complied. As Gerod put two fingers on his wrist, Ed threw the die. “Fourteen. He’s still alive.” The guards opened his cell which, strangely enough, wasn’t locked. Now it was Blunt’s turn. Ed had rolled a two. “That… was too fucking close for comfort.” One of the guards led them to a small office. A cabinet on the far wall contained their weapons and related belongings. The count stopped the guard from unlocking it, then turned to Gerod. “You better know what you’re doing.” The fighter shrugged. “Never do. But what do you have to lose?”

Click the- wait, no image. What the hell?

Something else for a change. It’s not that I didn’t, you know, have the time to make an actual comic. I just felt like doing this. Partially because I still consider myself a writer first, which is probably thoroughly unwarranted. But mostly because this just moved the story more than I probably would in five comics. It’s by no means my best work, far from it, but it’ll do. Oh, and I had to get up early and work late. You know the drill. My sleep schedule is so very much not ready for getting up before noon.

I believe that’s all the players named now, too. Ed’s full name is Edmund, by the way. Has the benefit of being both a Blackadder and Iron Maiden shout out. Of course, the latter’s name is Edward, but I mostly know him by the name Ed the Head. And these days you really don’t want to be called “Edward” anyway.

Do you know Trivium? Good. Do you know Disturbed? Also good. The latter pretty much ceased to be, sadly. However, Trivium have released an album a few days ago, Vengeance Falls, which sounds like the product of a rough shag between Trivium and Disturbed. I love it. And I wonder, how much of that is due to the album having been produced by David Draiman, who was Disturbed’s vocalist?


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