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September 26, 2013 / Althir

#155: Password!

It's so obvious, it's impossible to guess!

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

Kind of sounds like the sort of password I would use. No, I did not just tell you how to access my PayPal account. Sod off.

So, what happened was this: I restarted the router Monday morning, around 1 am, after which it failed to establish a connection. I restarted it countless times, harrassed the Vodafone support (Fuck that automated system. Fuck it so hard. With a chain saw.) and reset it twice. Seeing as though it wasn’t working by the time I got Tuesday’s comic done, I went to the university to upload it via their wifi and my phone. Which worked, but damn was it ever a hassle. Not recommended. Now, I’m still not sure what caused the error, but it seemingly fixed itself by Tuesday evening. Now I’m pretty much just waiting for it to fail again. As in, anticipating, expecting, not looking forward to it. Bloody hell.

I also went back to Skyrim. It’s been a while. Made a new character. A Nord, of course. He’ll be stupid as hell. I mean, really fucking retarded. Just for the hell of it. His name? Baldric. Hehehe.

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