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September 3, 2013 / Althir

#148: Decency

His tackle is blowing in the wind!

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You sell at 50% the price. Which is a pretty great deal. For the merchant.

My Fortress of Inksqueezed had one problem: Lack of useful metals. There was plenty of zinc ore, but that really isn’t any use except in alloys. Without metal, the dwarvishness kind of falls flat. I found some candy deep, deep down, but that can only be used for some things, is hard to process and mining it might just lead to severe outbreaks of fun. So, I restarted. In honour of both the legendary LP Boatmurdered and the #xkcd (that’s an IRC channel, lads) kick-bot billygoat, I named the new fortress Goatmurdered. Strike the earth!

Before I decided to start anew in Goatmurdered, I was planning an expedition into the caves under Inksqueezed. I didn’t end up doing that, but what I did do is… write a DF fanfic. Not sure what happened there. Though it could easily be made into a standalone story by replacing a few key words. They could even stay dwarves, after all it’d still be fiction. If you have nothing better to do and don’t despise me enough quite yet, here it is.

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