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August 29, 2013 / Althir

#147: Primordial

And players, do not pray for me - There is no forgiveness here.

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It’s an excellent album. I especially like the Gallows Hymn. First heard that on the Wacken 2008 DVD. Really, it was hilarious: A scary motherfucker, bald and with warpaint in his bloody (literally in this case) face comes on stage, gets ready for some of that heavy stuff and then starts singing… a song so soft it may well be considered a ballad. I actually laughed out loud the first time I watched it.

Let me tell you a story. A sad story. A few years ago, a humble weaver by the name of Uvash Kolimesh came to the city of Likotikthag, a wife and a child in tow. They arrived in good spirits and quickly started decimating the same, as is the custom of their people. All was well, or at least bearable, until two years later, a goblin snatcher snuck into the city and took their daughter, Ineth. Mörul, his wife, didn’t seem to give two fucks. Then again, she already was an alcoholic at that point, so there’s that. As was Uvash. And Ineth. As I said, the custom of their people. But I digress. Uvash didn’t take it nearly as well: He plunged into depression and a short time after that went, and I quote, stark raving mad! Luckily he wasn’t a violent person and after a while he snapped out of it. All was well-ish again. Then, some months later, it became evident Uvash didn’t care for anything anymore. He had stopped drinking – alcohol or otherwise – and died of thirst. Two days later, Mörul gave birth to a daughter, Aban.

She’s already addicted to alcohol.

That’s !fun, isn’t it. An absolute blast, by all means. And all this happened, quite simply, in Dwarf Fortress. My fortress, the name of which translates to “Inksqueezed” (which is boring compared to, say, Boatmurdered) currently has a hundred dwarves living in it, and about enough beds for fifty… that’ll be !fun. At least I have enough alcohol for the time being. If only I could find some metal, but thus far all my mining has been fruitless.

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