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August 27, 2013 / Althir

#146: Corpsing

"I'm really surprised you didn't try to hug it, Bubbles."

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See, as promised. The disappearing Slendy is just two renders – one with, one without – stacked, with some mild editing. Given how bad I am at it, it’s best to keep it mild. I would’ve done it in-engine, but figuring out the best settings would’ve taken too long.

I started and finished Brink. It’s a fun game. Or might have been were it not for the supremely retarded bots. It’s painfully obvious the single player parts were a mere afterthought and quickly cobbled together (in fact, it’s the multiplayer against bots with each map played once for both security and resistance) and whoever they got to do the AI only had a rough idea of what that entails.

And I did what I should have done months ago: In my notebook there’s now quick notes on each character, including the GM, which I shall now use as guidelines when writing these characters. Because without that, in the end they would all share one personality – mine, as it’s me who writes this stuff. And since the notebook is almost empty still (it’s rather new), there’s more than enough space for more notes if needed.

It’s an awesome notebook, by the way. I’ve been using various ones for the past few years, but none were quite as… noty as the one I got now. It’s a small, black Moleskine. Expensive, but worth it.

Both Nolan’s Batman films and the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies (Iron Man 1-3, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, The Avengers) were tremendously successful, so I doubt it grants me any nerd points to say that just this very day I started to read both Batman and Iron Man for no reason other than it seeming vaguely interesting. The Iron Man one was pretty good.

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