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August 6, 2013 / Althir

#141: Feelings

Hate it such a strong word. "Despise", maybe.

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Earlier today, I spent over two and a half hours loading a website. So many timeouts, it was frustating as hell. But, why would I do that? So that I could spend obscene amounts of money, of course! I bought two Wacken 2014 X-Mas tickets, for 160 quid each. Later this month I’ll buy a third, regular one et voila. All done. I’m annoyed enough to have missed this year’s Wacken, it shan’t happen a second time.

There’s two reasons why I only bought two tickets instead of three. First off, they’d only sell two to anyone. But mostly, they got considerably more expensive since I last bought X-Mas tickets (for 2010, I believe). A third one just wasn’t in my budget.

I finished Tomb Raider: Underworld last weekend. It’s a quite decent game, but hoo boy. I’m entirely, utterly convinced that the camera is the actual final boss. Killed me more than any proper enemy. Bloody hell.

And I’ve been doing more Lux rendering. Set up a small “render farm” consisting of this computer and the one in the basement for an 80% increase in performance (give or take). The result is still grainy because I was an idiot and prematurely cancelled, but nice anyway:




  1. Ivan / Aug 6 2013 2:56 pm

    I’m not sure what renderer you are using (did you say it was Blender in the past?)
    But i’ve been using Maya and now completely given up using the built in render. Instead am looking into trying to get it to live render in Cryengine 3:
    (not sure it’s available to be used with the SDK yet)

    • Althir / Aug 7 2013 1:12 pm

      Blender, yeah. The built-in renderer usually serves me well and I use it for the vast majority of my work. Lux and Cycles are… well, for more artsy stuff because they take longer. Live rendering I have no interest in however, too limiting. I’d rather take more time and be free to do as I please.

    • itcomics / Aug 8 2013 3:31 am

      Cryengine 3 is so beast, as well as other rendering options. I use Maya as well and the built in software does the trick for certain things while Mental Ray plows through others.

      • Althir / Aug 8 2013 3:35 am

        The CryEngine also might just require Windows (or, you know, DirectX), so that’s simply not going to happen because I’m not switching back on the off-chance of something being handy.

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