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July 30, 2013 / Althir

#139: Wait… What?

Oh, put that away. It isn't even sharp.

That ought to hurt.

Click the images to see full resolution versions.

Yeah, that’s on purpose. No, really.

Maybe someday. But probably not.

I originally wrote it as a standard six panel episode, but that really, really, really didn’t work. The panel restriction never works in my favour, so I suppose I’ll just write until I’m bloody done with that bit and that’s the end of it. For the next two weeks I have the time anyway seeing as though I needn’t go to work.

There’s Dead Space, then there’s Dead Space 2, then Dead Space 3. There’s also Extraction and some shitty XBLA title. And finally there’s Dead Space. A mobile game. A proper game, just on a mobile platform. Not a port of Dead Space, a separate story set before the sequel. Since I now own a smartphone, and a darn good one at that, I linked my credit card to my google account (what a stupid idea) and bought it. Yet all I’ve been playing on it the last few days is Plants vs Zombies, which I already finished twice on PC and Xbox. Hm. Damn you, Pop Cap!

Sadly, right now is Wacken. Why sadly? No buggering ticket. I could be off to Wacken right now, completely pissed and probably even sicker than I am anyway.

Speaking of pissed, I lost my bloody glasses wandering about after drinking twice my fill and then some. With my eyes, it’s a damn miracle I didn’t notice immediately. Luckily, the new ones will be entirely free and virtually identical except three and a half years younger.

Finally, someone on #xkcd suggested a renderer to me. Lux, it’s called. I tried rendering some of my existing scenes, and one of the simplest ones already crashed Blender (and completely froze my computer while I was at it). So I set up an even simpler scene to test some materials. It looks good. Really good, actually. But it’s a twenty hour render.


The caustics look damn nice though.

Given how long that took already, I’m most certainly never going to use it for everyday rendering, but a few select projects maybe. My scenes usually aren’t simple enough, and my computer is still not particularly powerful by today’s standards.



  1. Ivan / Jul 30 2013 2:37 am

    Hmm… Still feels like an AH City Reference…. all that Dynamite under the city…. and buttons..

    • Althir / Jul 30 2013 12:00 pm

      A reference. Not a joke. And the “city” is gone now. Lost and gone forever. Unless Geoff reloads.

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