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June 20, 2013 / Althir

#127: Recognition

Just look at the Joker. Always smiling. He must be a very happy lad.

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

Okay, a couple of things: The character models are now up to Mk VII (without that silly triangular light on the chest). Mostly just modified the original Sarto mesh, it’s not made from scratch. Proper clothes (though the trousers still do look awfully tight), somewhat improved facial topology and instead of hair particles, there’s solid meshes now. The last bit is for two reasons: Firstly, all characters except Sarto had very noticeable bald spots. Secondly, it’s a lot less on the computer. Which now allows me to use the Freestyle outline engine. Doesn’t reduce render time at all (actually increases it yet, the third frame took nigh seven minutes), but it looks an awful lot nicer and the render itself is easier on my hardware because I could reduce the subsurf (significantly reduced polycount, in short).

What did cause severe issues were the prop corpses in the village. Forgot they still had hair particles, and even though they’d only have been in one shot and so far away you wouldn’t be able to see them, they crashed my computer. Twice.

Then a lesser thing. The format. Still six panels, but now they’re square. Gives it a slightly less awkward format. Thanks to Mythos for suggesting that.

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