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June 6, 2013 / Althir

#123: Calling Back

You spot a Goblin Sniper in the darkness.

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Before someone claims I’m making shit up, I was planning on this since I “designed” the village and I even placed the object he trips on already, it’s actually in a few shots as they enter the village. The roll actually does justify it though. I would never manipulate the dice. The GM on the other hand… You know what they say. If the GM is after you, no roll in the world can save you.

When I was a child (yes, that did happen at some point a long time ago in a rather close galaxy), I was truly excellent as misjudging the height of the stones of the cobbled streets in the old part of the city I grew up in. Always on the bloody knees, and that isn’t emphasis so much as description.

Reading TV Tropes on Fallout 3, something caught my attention. Or rather, someone. Someone who I should’ve noticed long ago. Metallica made no less than three songs about his work, for one. I am, of course, talking about some poor sod called Howard Phillips Lovecraft (who, despite the name, apparently didn’t have children). And the story in question is The Dunwich Horror, after which a creepy building in the game is named. So, I looked on Amazon for some of his stuff. Two minutes and 1.79€ later I had the complete collection, which in print would apparently take up nigh 900 pages. Ought to be an entertaining read.

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