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May 2, 2013 / Althir

#110: Hammerfall

The Hammerfell. Elder Scrolls pun.

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

I fixed shit. Three separate things. First and most importantly, grafting on the hands had a rather, how shall I say, unwanted side effect on Bubbles: All the shape keys (used for facial expressions) were thoroughly fucked up. That was relatively easy to fix: Took Sarto’s mesh, applied Bubbles’ textures and changed the facial structure (damn, Sarto has a huge nose and chin). Secondly, I missed a bit in 109: Sarto suddenly was wearing gloves. That was even quicker to fix.

Thirdly, for over half the comic’s run, Bubbles was really laggy to pose. Whenever I was moving any of his limbs or the entire body around, the frame rate would drop considerably. For most of the time I thought that was because he was the one with the most hair – and since the same happened with Blunt, it seemed I was right. But no: The problem persisted entirely without hair. However, since Blunt was created from Bubbles’ mesh, I knew it would have to be the same issue on both.

Want to know what it was? Well, when the Mk III models were introduced (we’re at Mk V now), Bubbles was still wearing that robe. Well, not Bubbles but the Doppelgänger, but they use the same mesh. Because of it, the character and his staff had collision detection enabled. I had turned that off in an attempt to fix the lag thing… to no avail. Until just now, when I noticed that there was one part with it still enabled: His belt buckle. His fucking belt buckle made posing him hell.

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