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April 4, 2013 / Althir

#102: Whoops.

Uh, Achievement unlocked?

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Starring as Sarto the mohawk’d rogue, Academy Award winner and gigantic nose Adrien Brody. In the close-up shot anyway. Alternatively I’m talking bull and/or shit.

The characters really did crack 1,000 with that zombie encounter. But, I am stupid, lazy, forgetful and generally shit and as such I didn’t do anything about it. Silly me.

A while ago I bought a new MP3 player. Mostly for the extra space because 2GB isn’t a lot anymore. It’s one of those tiny things that don’t even have a screen. Which severely limits the options: It has a grand total of two play modes, sequential and random. Neither is suitable to how I usually listen to music: Album-wise. So, as I had to chose a new way anyhow, random it would be. Alas, random has the annoying habit of gravitating toward the track that was copied on last. To counter that, I made an MP3, 0.2 seconds long, consisting of complete and utter silence.

Two new problems popped up immediately: It would play that MP3 over and over, around a hundred times before continuing, and it would go to the first track after that nine times out of ten. The latter is easily solved with a second empty mp3, but the former…

In the end I worked around all of this: I took all the songs that were to be on the player, found a simple script that would rename them all (giving them random filenames) and copied them over THEN. Result: “Randomised” playlist. Sure, it’s static, but a lot more random than the actual “random” playmode regardless.

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