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February 7, 2013 / Althir

#88: Some Serious Shit

Now I wonder, has the Doctor ever considered a DeLorean?

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I don’t shave very often. And usually I use an electric razor because I’m just that lazy. I do have a regular one though, which, as it happens, has a whopping four blades. Whatever the advantage may be. Among the oldest tools found is generic shaving equipment and you bet your ass that the people back then didn’t have more than one “blade” – and the only reason people don’t usually use straight razors anymore is because they can be really fucking dangerous if misapplied. Mr. Blonde cut that cop’s ear off if you’ll recall.

But enough on that subject.

Some time ago I was watching MythBusters. One of the tested myths was about a crossbow made from paper. I got curious and looked up the legal situation in Germany regarding crossbows. Guns are rather restricted here: My dad owns a few and had to get permits to be allowed to have them, as well as pass a test on handling gunpowder. Legally, crossbows count as firearms but at the same time fall under miscellanea because they don’t shoot bullets. Like a regular bow, if you’re eighteen or older, you may purchase, own and operate a crossbow to your heart’s content.

I thought that was pretty cool. Out of curiosity, I looked on Amazon if one could actually buy a crossbow on the internet. And sure enough, one can. When facing the choice as to whether or not to own a crossbow, well, let’s just say I am lacking in fiscal responsibility. A crossbow pistol with approximately eighty pounds of force is was that I chose. Arrived on Tuesday. And let me tell ya, 80 lbs are a lot for such a small device. It took me a while to find a material the bolts would not either pierce altogether (styrofoam, drywall) or shred until they did (wood). Seems to be accurate enough for the upcoming zombie apocalypse too: At ~15 feet I got a tight enough grouping to reliably score headshots.

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