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December 19, 2012 / Althir

#74: Inevitability

Maybe now he will shut up about them.

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

See, light. Finally. And walls with some sort of detail to them. Yay me. And, because I felt like it, also a few hours early. Because why not. (Actually, I accidentally put in the wrong date and am too lazy to change it.)

A few days ago, I bought a new Rubik’s cube. Well, not a genuine one. It is only 2x2x2 and a lot more fun to solve than the classic 3x3x3. Then, yesterday, I bought yet another one. That one is 7x7x7… and I’ve been working on solving it ever since. Even with a guide and lots of time, an easy feat this is not. Unbelievably, the world record is under three minutes.

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