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October 30, 2012 / Althir

#59: Crumbling

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If you know enough D&D to recognise what just happened, you probably also know that this is actually something this particular creature could not do, not entirely unlike the T-1000. I wrote this one in college and as such did not have access to what little source books I own, so I didn’t even find out until I went to make the comic. Let’s just count it as artistic freedom, it’s not the first mistake I made, not by a long shot.

When I got my first math assignment, a question mark appeared over me head. I somehow managed to get over fifty per cent on that one. Then the next one came and the question mark decided to found a family. I did the best thing I could in this situation and fled. Signed out of the math course. I have six semesters to get two semesters of maths, so I wager I’m better off postponing that until I managed to at least teach myself the basics. “Basics” here already being the extremely difficult stuff that was never even mentioned in high school. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Last night I was watching a bunch of “horror” movies with, well, someone who makes me a whole lot less miserable than I usually am. In celebration of Halloween, because that just so happened to fall on a Wednesday this year and if you get pissed and watch movies until after sunrise you probably want to do that on a weekend. The first one was exceedingly silly, cheesy and gory, and it was set in a cabin in the woods. Forests are bloody scary. So if you’re making a horror movie on a low budget, you know… remember the forest.

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