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October 9, 2012 / Althir

#54: 3

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Ah, yes. Religion. A topic tailor made to cause flame wars. And real wars, but that’s a different story. As far as I’m concerned, faith is… no, I can not complete this sentence without offending someone. You believe whatever the hell you want, but leave me the fuck out of it.

The name of their deity, Gruumsh, is straight out of the monster manual thingy I got. Described as a bloodthirsty god, I figure a blood sacrifice isn’t even too far off. He’s also one-eyed, which I shall take as a shout out to Odin.

After thirteen months and two days, I finally managed to finish Dead Space 2. Not that the game was hard, in fact I died exactly once in these last few levels, I’m just a huge wuss. Good game though.

The introductory events of the University of Osnabrück were this past week. I guess I’m really a student now. Not yet entirely certain how that makes me feel. It certainly means I have to get up earlier. Like, six in the morning. But only once a fortnight so it’s quite alright. I met the first metal head before the introduction to CompSci even began, if that trend is going to continue, well, \m/!

On Tuesday I bought a Blind Guardian album I totally still needed (Somewhere Far Beyond) and Anno 1602. I already had Anno, but this is the version with all addons, and at 6.99€ I couldn’t just walk past that. An old game, but damn good nonetheless.

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