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October 2, 2012 / Althir

#52: Disposable Heroes

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A classic: Rocks fall, everyone dies. But not while I still have other ideas.

I be writin’ this on Talk Like A Pirate Day, so be excusin’ me language, ye land lubbers.

This comic be the first to be usin’ the new character models I made and showed on Facebook some time ago. Older versions of ’em, anyway. There be no in-universe justification for the change, ’tis just that I be havin’ new models made and here they be.

I remade the characters because as the old ones be havin’ hair ever since, arr, long ago, the level of detail wasn’t bein’ consistent. They be usin’ the same base as the old ones, but I expanded upon it a lot and, most significantly, completely redid the skeleton behind it all, that be allowin’ to pose the models for the comic. The old one was bein’ extremely bad, what scurvy dog made this?
Wait. Was me. Oh.

The helmet Gerod be wearin’ is genuinely medieval and it be called a Kettle Helmet. I be realisin’ it be lookin’ more like a pith helmet and a silly one to boot, but that be medieval armour for ye. I don’t be indulgin’ in anachronisms until I be introducin’ guns.

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