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September 20, 2012 / Althir

#49: Give him Fuel

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I’ve been wanting to introduce the shop for a few months now, as a place where something can happen between gaming sessions (as seen in the comic). But the session just wouldn’t end.
That’s not to say I had the shop modelled before I made this comic. No sir, I don’t plan ahead that far. Usually. In fact, it’s not modelled as I write this, since I recently took up writing the annotation along with the script ahead of time.
Caffeine is one of two substances (the other one being sugar) that keeps me awake. At all, I mean. I’m not sure I’d ever wake again if I were to stop drinking caffeinated, sugary beverages altogether. I do, however, not drink coffee. Ever. Just don’t bloody like the taste. Usually what I drink is either Coke, Relentless (an energy drink by Coca Cola, happens to be one of the sponsors of the Wacken Open Air), Mountain Dew (found it by coincidence, it comes in neon-green bottles!), iced tea or some cheap energy drink from a local shop. If no caffeine can be found, lemonade suffices because sugar.

Post note: I took the liberty to add some helpful navigation buttons to the Comics section, now one can jump straight to any one month (at least if that month is April 2012 or later, for rather obvious reasons). It’s been a while and I honestly had to look up how to implement an HTML anchor. That does not bode well for the aspiring CompSci student.

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