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August 30, 2012 / Althir

#43: Theatre of Pain

Want to know something? This encounter was literally the first thing I did on my birthday. Though I started about half an hour before midnight and it wasn’t over until an hour later, give or take a few turns. Originally I planned the episode as having only that last line there, but I found that the failing Phantasmal Force, the critical failure of Gerod and the intimidation in the penultimate panel (which was a natural 20, by the way and the reason why Gerod has time to notice his injury – Emil was so intimidated it paralysed him and he wasted his turn) just didn’t work silently.

The line “Meine Niere!” is once again through Google Translate, but (and probably because it’s a short sentence) it’s not garbled in any sort of way. If this comic were in German, this would be how I’d have written the line myself.

When putting the images together after rendering, I use two images every time: The foreground (with the logo, URL and credit) and the background (with the panel borders). This time I only used the foreground, because of the irregular panel sizes in beginning and end. It’s not as though that was much work to make, but it does shave off a few seconds every time and I like efficiency.

Gerod’s bloody leg and the puddle of blood in the last panel are in-engine. The smaller puddle a panel earlier is not. I didn’t think to add it until the last one, so I had to edit in a bit of red afterwards. No big deal.

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