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August 28, 2012 / Althir

#42: Nine times Six

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If I need to tell you who this episode is dedicated to, you just lost the right to read this comic. Go away. Now.

This is the second time I use German in this comic (the first time being a few sentences spoken by the King of Erutpar to his servant). I personally find it hilarious to just put the English words into the Google translator. If you put in “holy crap”, though, the output is also “holy crap”, so I put the words in separately. “Kacke” isn’t actually the first result for “crap”, but the first one would translate back to a ruder term which I’d rather not. And it’s funnier this way. I wouldn’t actually need to run this through Google Translate, seeing as though German is my native language and all, but since the characters are all English I found it more fitting to have the GM use the translator because he doesn’t speak German himself. Boy, that sure sounds weird.

I watched Scrooged yesterday for the first time in years and for the first time altogether in English. It is truly a hilarious film and totally supports the (rather reasonable) claim that the only two christmas movies you really need to know are Scrooged… and Die Hard. Yippee-Ki-Yay, [censored]!

When I chose not to use such words as [censored] in this comic, it was to allow for a potentially wider audience. Given that there is pretty much no audience, do I really care? I’m not even sure what words would count as an obscenity aside from the obvious three or four. I think “crap” and “hell” may actually be words that would be bleeped on American television. Anyhow, if you know how people usually talk, you know that they simply use those obscenities – thus any dialogue that completely omits them does come off as unnatural to some degree. I shall consider. And if I reconsider, there shall be swearing.

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