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August 21, 2012 / Althir

#40: Maths

Click the image to see a full resolution version.

More panels of irregular size! After writing this episode, I realised the dialogue in the last panel really wouldn’t work in one image. So I split it. Diagonally, it seems.

Usually, I try (successfully) to avoid sayings including this “God” bloke, since I’m the atheistest atheist since The Amazing Atheist. But I can’t really write a full four characters with that exact same character trait. Well, I mean I could, but that would be… eh. Sarto’s line is in fact the first time I have used such a phrase (without “God” replaced with Oden or Thor anyway*) in years. Literally.

I’ve blendered a lot these past few days, with the best result, by far, being this:

Ooooh yes.

I also started a playthrough of Bad Company on Hard. It’s pretty awesome, but not much more challenging given that when you die and go back to your checkpoint, the enemies do not respawn. So be persistent enough and you get through just about anything.

* No, I do not. It’s just that the norse mythology is not only more badass, but also a far better read than the bible. My deities of choice, you could say, but absolutely no faith is involved.

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