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August 14, 2012 / Althir

#38: The Habit

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Yeah, so I stole that joke. Sorta. It’s really an inversion of the original. And Dmmaus stole it from himself like a million times.

In the first panel you can see Sarto saying Gron. You may see that as an error, but given that the Ø doesn’t actually exist in English, he can be forgiven for mispronouncing. It’s totally and absolutely not a mistake made by me. I did not at all forget to draw that one line in.

This is the first comic I made after Wacken. It’s currently Friday morning. No, I have not yet slept.

Two days prior to Wacken (or three, thanks to the changes brought about by this), there was rain up the arse in Wacken. The official figures (which are supported by a video podcast which I will not link because it is in German) are fifty litres per square metre and hour. If you only understand imperial, this roughly translates to a bloody lot. Think twelve gallons per square yard and hour. Your hours are the same as ours, right? Sixty minutes, two dozen of them to a day?

After that rain, the campground, which is one hell of a giant pasture, was soaked. Arrival on Monday was forbidden to let the ground dry as far as possible. Thus we had to reschedule our arrival to Tuesday morning. All was well until Friday noon: During Kamelot, there was once again rain up the arse. The festival ground turned into a muddy lake within a few minutes, the camping ground… oh well. Ever been to the North Sea during low tide? Miles upon miles upon miles of ankle-deep, smelly mud. Kind of like that. Given that the camping ground is actually a cow pasture, that mud is not just mud. This is the stuff you do not want to think about, but it does come to mind every time you smell it.

The problem? Well. No, lake. In the last night, among the last concerts would have been the only two bands I really did want to see: Amon Amarth (see #35) and Machine Head. Since the festival ground practically turned into a standing body of water and every road down there was mud over mud with some mud for flavour, we decided to leave on Saturday afternoon already. That’s right, I missed the two bands which mattered most to me. Ain’t life grand.

I don’t blame Wacken. They don’t make the weather. At least they confirmed Sabaton for next year, so I most definitely do not hold a grudge.

Also on Wacken, between Skyline and Sepultura (which are dreadful – I was there for Les Tambours Du Bronx) I had ninety minutes to spare. Got in line in front of the Rocksmith tent. Had a rather pleasant conversation with a Dane. Played Sweet Home, Alabama once. Rocksmith is great, I definitely need that game once it comes out. For the record, the guitar bundle is a ripoff: You’d save twenty quid buying the same guitar separately.

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